Smiley and This Is A Good Sign have joined forces with one simple message for 2016: to spread happiness.  Coming together to highlight the goodness in the world with one sign, the team behind the Good Sign movement are touring with Smiley around music festivals, to hand out cards, pass on happiness, and remind everyone to #BeSmiley.



This Is A Good Sign was founded by Eric Dennis in 2010 to strengthen communities and become a worldwide, globally-recognised movement of joy through social media. People are encouraged to pass a card to others that says ‘This Is A Good Sign’ to signify and point to a ‘Good’ moment in life. They can then take a photo of this sign in front of a happy backdrop to share that positive outlook with others. The simple and easy-to-understand message brings people together in shared smiles. It’s an optimistic way of looking at life, reminding people that there are good signs everywhere, you just have to see them in that way.

#BeSmiley and the This Is A Good Sign movement

In 2016, Smiley got on board the happiness tour encouraging people to spread happiness and smiles at music festivals and university campuses. All ‘This Is A Good Sign’ cards now have a Smiley on the back of them, and the simple message to #BeSmiley. Just as Smiley was originally set up to point to Good News stories in 1971 to cheer people up, this partnership will make sure people share photos that aim to spread smiles and happiness, calling out all the good things in life that we can all smile about together.


Festivals are the prime environment for people to come together as one and spread happiness amongst each other. It’s a place where people can naturally connect, where social barriers don’t exist and people connect through music, through culture and through common goodness. Smiley and ‘This Is A Good Sign’ will spread happiness throughout this year at festivals and university campuses, reminding people to #BeSmiley in their shared mission to create spontaneous unconditional encouragement.


besmiley at sxsw

‘This Is A Good Sign’ and Smiley will be at the below festivals and University campuses:

SXSW Festival

Coachella Festival

Burning Man Festival

Berkeley University

Orgeon State University


University of Texas – Austin


University of Michigan

Florida State University


San Francisco State University

Arizona State University



If you spot us, make sure you snap it and let us know on Instagram @Smiley! And remember to #BeSmiley