Ahead of the Easter holidays, we’ve created a downloadable Calendar of Kindness for all your family to get involved in to make everyone smile. With something nice to do every day, your kids will feel great giving back to others, and the importance of kind acts will be felt by them.

Emotional intelligence (or EQ – Emotional Quotient) is an important part of a child’s development. It prepares them for their future, helping them manage their anxiety, anger, fear, as well as understanding different personalities in people and how these, more often than not, complement each other and help create co-operative communities.


A British study published in 2011 showed the sheer importance of EQ on a person’s life. The study followed babies from childhood into adulthood for 50 years, and found a strong correlation between success and happiness in life and emotional intelligence.

Studies also show that people with social intelligence, people who can negotiate well with others, smooth tensions and be attuned to and engaged with the needs and interests of others, are the stronger species.

With social and emotional intelligence having such an important impact on adulthood, our calendar of kindness is a great start to get your kids helping out, developing their kindness and feeling good about it! Simply right click and save the below image and print it out to post in your home. You could even get Smiley stickers from Dragon d’Or here or here that your kids can collect each time they complete one of the day’s acts of kindness!