In 1997, CEO of Smiley Nicolas Loufrani came up with the ingenious concept of transforming national flags into Smiley icons. In 2014, 17 years after this practice was first launched, the national Smiley continues to flourish globally, with several major global Smiley flag campaigns due to launch this year.

Speaking about the concept Loufrani said, “transforming flags into smiley icons is a reminder to people that above all of our nations stands one common humanity for all. Smiley flags are a symbol of peace and happiness, uniting all humans together as one, smiling and winking at each other, whoever they may be and wherever they may come from.”

Smiley flags, remains Smiley’s oldest style guide still in use today and its renaissance could not be better timed. With national flags taking center stage again at the plethora of major international sporting events taking place over the next 2 years, the unique heritage and emotional attachment flags have in popular culture and lifestyle trends today could not be more apparent.

Smiley flags have always been a best selling category for the House of Smiley. Whether used in apparel, accessories or home décor, their universal popularity is unwavering.

SmileyWorld & Deutsche Post DHL

For the first time, SmileyWorld have partnered with Deutsche Post DHL on a unique promotional concept, which will be rolled out across more than 8,000 Deutsche Post branches in Germany. Featuring the iconic smiley face embedded into the German national flag, SmileyWorld & Deutsche Post DHL have created branded ‘Packset’ packing boxes, with an integrated pre paid stamp valued up to 2kg, which compliments the box and makes the packaging stand out.