Happy meals, Sundaes and Big Macs … these classic McDonald’s meals are loved by consumers the world over and enjoy global recognition.

In 2013, McDonald’s created an innovative new campaign in the French market celebrating its products by displaying them through close-up images, without any logo or words. In 2014, the brand evolved this campaign even further by creating the “picto” campaign and now for 2015, McDonald’s has pushed the limits of this concept even further by creating mash ups of the iconic McDonald’s signs with day-to-day emblematic symbols. That is why McDonald’s have turned to champions of the happiness movement Smiley, one of the most iconic and recognizable brands in the world today, to help them bring this campaign to life.

Smiley’s unique philosophies and over 40 year heritage at the forefront of popular culture makes for a natural partnership on such a creative project with McDonalds, and further cements the place for happiness and Smiley as a massive trend across fashion, media and music in 2015.


As part of this unique relationship, Smiley will feature comprehensively throughout this campaign that will be running in France. It will appear on tray mats and posters in-store, as well as an advertising campaign including exposure on bus shelters, billboards, posters, and a digital presence on the McDonald’s website and Facebook page – Smiley helps bring the much loved McDonald’s French fries to life in a whole new way whilst sitting alongside a creative range of icons that includes red hearts, thumbs ups, and musical notes.

Train Station

In addition to the outdoor and in store advertising campaign activity, the creative assets from this campaign – including the Smiley French fries image – will feature as a capsule collection for apparel and accessories created exclusively for Colette. This limited edition collection includes T-shirts, tote bags, and scarves, all available in store at Colette and exclusively online www.colette.fr from May 4th to May 31st, 2015.

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Smiley, the happiest brand ever, was founded by Franklin Loufrani in 1971 through a newspaper promotion aimed at making people happy. Using the logo to highlight good news, it allowed readers to see the bright side of life throughout any day. Over 4 decades, Smiley has become the most recognizable icon in the world and remains so to this day.


With nearly 2 million meals served per day and an implantation throughout all territories, McDonald’s is daily in touch with millions of French people. It’s this unique relationship bonding the brand to the French that will be portrayed by the new communication campaign and by the capsule collection at Colette’s. With a common language including references to McDonald’s core products, known worldwide; a new language to keep on enriching the dialog.


Located along 213 rue Saint-Honoré in Paris, Colette first opened its doors in March 1997. Aiming to reinvent the concept of retail in its seven hundred square-meter establishment. Spanning three levels, customers are invited to encounter the Colette experience, which comprises a never-ending assortment of fashion, high-tech, arts, street wear, beauty and waters.