Nicki Minaj and Beyonce, 2 of the most famous rappers in music today and style icons to millions globally, have joined forces in their latest music video ‘feeling myself’ where they take on the role of gangster beauties bringing back 90s street style fashion.  This impromptu release on the web for only several minutes quickly turned viral and created an unbelievable buzz.

In the video, Nicki Minaj and Beyonce, also known as ‘Barbz and Beyhive’ play with squirt guns in inflatable pools wearing pink fluffy coats, with bling chic jewellery and sexy swimsuits, all whilst eating cheeseburgers and dancing!

Nicki Minaj grabbed all of the attention wearing the Moschino x Smiley fun statement one-piece swimsuit from the SS15 collection, which features all over whimsical Smiley faces, printed shoes and purse accessories in flashy pink, and golden chains with the distinct ‘Moschino’ logo over a white towel print fabric. The flattering cut swimsuit instantly stands out alongside all of the other playful clothing.

View the teaser trailer here: