Smiley continue their expansion of the fashion apparel and accessories market in Asia by signing a new licensing deal with Hong Kong based retailer Giordano.

The AW14 collection will launch in a Giordano pop-up store in Shanghai on August 25th, followed by a roll out on August 30th across Giordano stores in China and on

Throughout September, the Shanghai Metro will also feature Smiley x Giordano advertising.

The new apparel range is based around a ‘Share your Smiley’ campaign designed to spread happiness and positivity. For men and women, designs fall under the Smiley Happy Collection label, while for kids it will be SmileyWorld. Featuring sweaters, hoodies and t-shirts in a colour palette of black, white and grey, with highlights of yellow and pink, each item is adorned with the ‘Share your Smiley’ slogan and also includes the iconic Smiley logo.

About Giordano
Giordano International was founded in Hong Kong in 1981 and is now one of the world’s leading international retailers of men’s, women’s and children’s apparel and accessories.
Giordano embodies the contemporary lifestyle choices – simplicity in design and quality in substance. Its total commitment to superior service, excellent quality and great value has enabled the company to successfully execute its multiple-market and multiple-brand strategy.

The brand’s merchandise mix of relaxed and smart casuals has proven popular for all age groups and nationalities, demonstrating the global appeal for the brand.

The heart of the Giordano system is that it is totally customer responsive. Information, speed and simplicity are the key components driving the entire operation.

Giordano’s brand philosophy is modern simplicity and style – where less is more and a style that accentuates and enhances an individual’s inner beauty through modern, classic and timeless clothes. In an industry constantly adapting to changing trends that result in rising production costs, Giordano has developed a flexible approach to fashion retailing.