Smiley CEO, Nicolas Loufrani, attended his very first UP Campus Dreamstorming conference at an event in Paris on the 25th of June.


The event was designed for young entrepreneurs who have created promising social businesses, aimed at having a positive impact on our society by addressing social or environmental issues, and designing an innovative response. It was organized by management consultancy experts Accenture, and hosted 200 people in their offices in Paris, with big round tables for each project to kick off, and lending their professional advice and guidance on UP Campus projects.

This is very exciting for Smiley who over the course of the next 12 months will be providing a number of these new ventures with start up funding and business support in order to make these amazing ideas a reality. The following 4 projects have been selected as the first to receive the Smiley scholarship:


Smiley introduces the smartphone app (90days) which is here to help you make a difference in helping our planet, just like an exercise app 90 days will help you track, record and share dozens of challenges in 90 days that will help to make a difference to our environment! Are you ready to challenge yourself?

90jours mini


The mission of Astérya is to create opportunities and nurture the “Will to Act”, by offering the backing and support to those socially isolated to be involved in community togetherness projects that will allow them to gain confidence in themselves, make new friends and participate regularly in social activities.

astérya carré


Chomunity is the first online community for those that are dynamic and enterprising but unemployed! The aim of the initiative is to create a new dynamic for those without jobs, creating opportunities for them to spend their time outside meeting people and developing their skills and being engaged in local community projects and cultural and sporting activities. By meeting people and gaining new skills Chomunity will make employment a much more real opportunity.

chomunity hd


What would happen if we mix the philosophy of “Doing it Together” with the science of Biomimetic? The principle of Biomimetic is the ability to observe the elements of nature for the purpose of finding solutions to future problems. That is the objective of Le Biome, France’s first ‘Fab Lab” that is aiming to revolutionize the global economy by creating open source solutions based on what nature can teach us!

biome carré

Take a look at the UP campus conferences website for more information


Smiley co-founded with GROUPE SOS, an innovative new project – Up Campus, which is a social network “for social innovators and those wanting to affect positive change in society today”, enabling individuals to act in its scale to “invent the world of tomorrow”. The goal: unite those wanting to commit to proposing and developing solutions and identifying socially innovative initiatives.



For over forty years, Smiley, one of the world’s most recognisable icons has been championing the spread of happiness and positivity throughout the world. Synonymous with joy and happiness, Smiley is also at the centre of a non for profit organisation that is dedicated to “making the world a happier place”: the SmileyWorld Association created in 2005 by the Smiley Company in association with the group SOS (, who together work actively against all forms of social isolation and with a main goal to promote solidarity all over the world by helping those in need. The SWA is involved in education, social integration, housing, health care, sustainable development, fair trade and international solidarity.