Smiley, the world’s happiest brand, is delighted to announce the launch of its NEW Back to School 2015 range with Claire’s, coming soon to all stores across Europe and online

This bold collection is for all seasons and targets young girls and teens looking to stand out in the classroom, but also on the weekends whilst out and about with friends. The products are anything but ordinary and each feature all over smiley face emoticon designs in black and yellow prints – a very powerful colour contrast combination that channels high energy and free spirits!

Claires bag

The smiley backpack (€24.99) is an absolute must have – fill it up with the coolest matching essentials: the smiley notebook (€9.99), smiley binder (€4.99), smiley pencil case (€9.99), smiley USB key (€12.99), and more!

DSC_0230Get ready to have the most stylish school year ever :)