ATM launched the latest collection of Smiley luggage at the International Travel Goods Association Show (TGA) last week in Las Vegas, USA.


TGA Expo is a global event that showcases a variety of travel goods and accessories to buyers from across the World. This year, the show gathered more people and displayed more new products than ever before and Smiley was proud to debut its new line in partnership with ATM of Smiley luggage.


The unique and colourful selection of baggage as well as the booth display received a great response from the trade and looked right at home next to all of the major global travel brands.

Smiley luggage targets the happy traveler and comes in many models and sizes to suit one’s personal travel needs. They feature hard glossy shells and big yellow smiley emoticons over red, green, blue or black backgrounds.

atm 2

ATM Luggage and Smiley are very excited to expand the launch of the branded luggage across the United States. It is a great step forward for Smiley stepping into a new product industry.

Be sure to get your Smiley branded luggage now in stores and online, it will definitely make your travels more amusing!