Smiley has just returned from its very first appearance at the Milan Licensing Day, an official LIMA event which allows licensing brands to showcase themselves to the Italian market.

The event which takes place over one day, also featured a keynote presentation by Smiley to Italian licensees and retailers showcasing the exciting opportunities that are today within the Italian market to partner with the world’s happiest brand.

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With more than 25 one to one meetings throughout the day it was evident that there is a real demand and enthusiasm for Smiley within Italy. It was also a great opportunity to share the exciting work the brand has done within Italy in 2015, not only with its collaboration with hugely prestigious Italian brands like Fendi, Ferrero, Happiness, Joshua Sanders and Moschino – but also its PR partnership with Probeat Agency Milan, which has seen major features on Smiley in some of Italy’s leading publications.

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The future for Smiley in Italy has never looked brighter or more positive than it does right now, as Smiley is a brand dedicated to making your business grow happily and showing ways to keep on growing together!