For over forty years, Smiley, one of the world’s most recognisable icons has been championing the spread of happiness and positivity throughout the world.

Synonymous with joy and happiness, Smiley is also at the centre of a non for profit organisation that is dedicated to “making the world a happier place”: the SmileyWorld Association created in 2005 by the Smiley Company in association with the group SOS (, who together work actively against all forms of social isolation and with a main goal to promote solidarity all over the world by helping those in need. The SWA is involved in education, social integration, housing, health care, sustainable development, fair trade and international solidarity.

In April 2014, Smiley co-founded with group SOS, a project called UP Campus which is a social network “for the social innovators and those wanting to affect positive change in society today”, enabling individuals to act in its scale to “invent the world of tomorrow”. The goal: unite those wanting to commit to proposing and developing solutions and identifying socially innovative initiatives.

The network has 10,000 members in France and now wants to grow internationally, with no less than 400 projects were presented the first year. 15 have already received support from UP Campus for their innovative proposals such as, Sharevoisins, who surfed on the trends of the collaborative economy by offering a platform for sharing objects between neighbours, WedoGood, a platform for investing in social enterprise which tripled its activity since it received support from UP Campus, or even UpCycly, which manufactures furniture for individuals from recycled materials…

Beyond its assistance in developing the social network and providing financial support for projects within the platform, Smiley is playing a key part in developing UP Campus internationally. With a social media following of over 4.2 million people worldwide and 97% brand recognition throughout the world, and as champions of the happiness revolution Smiley will lead a call to action « to create a strong social impact by spreading happiness » at the end of the year in France, and then at the beginning of 2016 in a different country every 6 months.

Smiley and UP Campus invite social entrepreneurs from all over the world to visit and participate in this unique opportunity to make the world a better place.