Smiley once again had a major presence at the recent editions of Toy Fair (London, New York & Nuremburg), the world’s leading exhibition for the gift and toy industries, showcasing the latest releases from 9 of the worlds happiest brands leading global partners.

We were excited to see the launch of a SmileyWorld new game with license partner Carletto, featuring a SmileyWorld 3 tin matching game sets which tests memory, reactions and competitive expression. Colour coordinate classic contests of mental agility in blue, red and green. A perfect gift for all happy ages.

CARLETTOSmiley’s latest plush collections with Nici continue to deliver bold, emotive and engaging collections that are inspired by our world of emoticons and underpinned by a desire for individualism and self-expression.


Amscan Europe’s Riethmuller presents SmileyWorld’s line of expressive emoticon party gear, guaranteeing smiles with everything needed for the happiest of parties including tableware & decorations, hats and gift bags, wrapping paper and balloons. 


A real favourite new release for the Smiley team for this Summer were these super cool festival wrist bands from Pyramid, a real must have product for this season.


Also at the show were a host of other Smiley licensees including Bluw, Commonwealth Toys, Educa Borras, Panini and Trends International.