SmileyWorld has continued its expansion into the FMCG market in 2015, off the back of its long established partnership with powerhouse brand McCain, who have been producing a 3D render of the Smiley face for 20 years and serving millions of SMILEY® meals weekly on a global scale.


At this year’s MDD Expo in Paris last week, SMILEY® presented exciting new concepts and created a style guide showcasing an inspirational range of products featuring its world-renowned emoticons across a variety of categories including sweet & savoury snacks, treats and even dairy and beverages.


Some products incorporate the 3D render SMILEY® like burgers, nuggets, crisps and cereal, with others like ice cream, cookies, ice pops and flavoured waters & juices feature the iconic and colourful emoticons to bring a smile to the face of kids of all ages. There are also concepts for healthier options like dried fruits and flavoured yoghurts, which will feature healthy and mouth-watering ways to fuel your day.


With partners for some products signed already including Giraudi for 3D Smiley frozen nuggets, omelettes and burgers, Vidal for confectionary including lollipops and individual bubble gum, and Dalla Costa for shaped pastas, Smiley presented the full range of products at MDD. The expo provided Smiley with significant opportunities for licensed manufacturing partners as well as DTR activity.


The science of happiness has proven that food makes you happy, and as the pioneers of happiness, SMILEY® always creates positive and happy sensory experiences and products that not only look, feel and sound good – but also smell and taste good. Need an energy boost? Grab a red packaged chilli flavoured item!


For  more information, take a look at the MDD Expo website