SmileyWorld unveiled three exciting new FMCG convepts at Sial in Paris during October, check the sneak peak here!

The world’s happiest brand continued its expansion into the FMCG market –  off the back of its long established success with powerhouse brand McCain – SmileyWorld have launched a complete range of products incorporating the 3D render SMILEY® that includes burgers, nuggets, crisps and breakfast cereals.

Here’s a sneak peak at the 3 exciting new FMCG concepts that launched at the show: 



The science of happiness has proven that food makes you happy, and as the pioneers of happiness, SMILEY® always creates positive and happy sensory experiences and products that not only look, feel and sound good – but also smell and taste good.

Colour therapy

Discover the therapeutic benefits of colours and how they directly influence how way we feel at any particular moment in time. SMILEY® Colour Therapy channels the everyday link between our emotions, moods and how colours portray our unique and always varying states of mind.

Happy Fruit

Get the happiest hit out of your 5 a day with SMILEY® Happy Fruit – the freshest, healthiest and most mouth-watering way to fuel your day.