Smiley are delighted to announce a new collaboration with Pengo s.p.a. that will launch to retail in summer 2015.

Pengo s.p.a. is an Italian trading company that specialises in the distribution of household objects for the kitchen, furnishings, gifts, and restoration. They are known for creating quality products and signature collections with particular innovative designs.

This collection is inspired by SmileyWorld’s world of emoticons that deliver bold, emotive and engaging content. It’s a series of cups, bowls, bottles, plates, and topper ware decorated with Smiley motifs and cheerful illustrations underpinned by a desire for individualism and self-expression.

Glass cups each feature humorous yellow smiley face emoticons with corresponding messages such as ‘let it shine, because I’m happy, love is in the air, and kiss me’ written in colourful letters. Start your mornings right with a cup of orange juice from the happiest cups!

SmileyWorld for Pengo is now available in select home décor boutiques across Europe.