SmileyWorld has continued its rapid expansion into the FMCG markets, as the world’s happiest brand becomes the fastest growing license in food today, with more than 10 new product categories and a host of new licensing partnerships.

The science of happiness has proven that food makes you happy, and as the pioneers of the happiness movement and one of the world’s leading total lifestyle brands, SmileyWorld is enjoying fantastic growth in the private label food sector.


SmileyWorld products are created under the core brand values of providing a platform for self-expression and the spread of happiness and with a remit to provide positive and happy sensory experiences through products that not only look, feel and sound good – but also smell and taste good!

This unique approach and the appeal of SmileyWorld has seen the brand take center stage at PLMA in Amsterdam this week, with new deals in place across a variety of food categories including sweet and savoury snacks, treats and even dairy and beverages and the majority of these products incorporating the world famous 3D render Smiley. This success follows quickly on the heels of an equally well-received showcase of SmileyWorld private label opportunities at the recent edition of MDD Expo in Paris.

SmileyWorld’s unique approach to trade shows has seen its innovative stand design, unique range of products and the distribution of tens of thousands of Smiley badges spread happiness to the whole industry.