SmileyWorld has teamed up with France’s favorite chocolate snack Brossard to create the happiest retail promotion of 2015.

This exclusive 3 tiered promotion features a special code on all Brossard packaging, allowing the consumer to go online and play SmileyWorld games on Brossard’s website with the chance to win exclusive Smiley prizes. Smiley prizes range from a hero prize of a Happy Brossard Box (gift card for travel and entertainment, Smiley products and Brossard products), through to 200 redeemable voucher codes for which allow the consumer free access to a selection of Smiley premiums that include; phone cases, headphones, tees and watches, as well as thousands of exclusive Smiley graphics created exclusively for Brossard. 

The promotion also features an opportunity to create your own personalised Smileys on Brossard’s website as well as a mechanism to print or share your Smiley across social channels.

There is also an in-pack feature where collectable Smileys have been included within “Pack Premium” products including masks, door tags and Smiley faces.

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