With the growing power of emoticons, Smiley takes a trip down memory lane to explore how the influential emoticon language developed to now become Smiley’s extensive emoticon library of characters used everyday, everywhere!

It all started with a simple colon, dash and bracket used by computer scientist, Scott Fahlman, who decided his words were failing him and it was becoming difficult to communicate with others to convey his true feelings and comments he made as a joke.

Of course, this was easily recognised as the worlds famous smiley face icon and since then with the help of Smiley, the first graphical emoticons were created.


Today, to understand the full extent of the power of emoticons you only have to look at the the internet to see the emoticon phenomenon. The world’s happiest brand, Smiley is proud to have played a contributing factor in ensuring people can express their true feelings as well as spreading happiness and positivity.